Three Essential Types of Brake Maintenance

One of the key factors in the overall performance of your car is its braking system. There are several factors such as climate change, overheating, rust formation, corrosion of the rotors that can easily hinder your braking performance. So maintaining a good braking system by systematic service, repairs, and upgrades is a must. The braking system of your vehicle is quite complex but easy to maintain. Regular servicing, repairs, and replacements of parts are very important in maintaining a good braking system. 

Here are some steps for easy brake maintenance.

  • Check brake pads and rotors: Brake pads are the most important part of your braking system. A pair of normal good quality brake pads will last for an average of 40000 to 60000 miles. The brake pads and the rotors deteriorate more easily than any other components in your vehicle and thus needs repairs and changes at regular intervals. The friction between the pads and the tire causes heat which can wear out the brake pads. Lack of airflow between the rotor and the wheel causes rust and corrosion, leading to brake failures.
  • Brake fluid check: Brake fluid is one of the main factors for good performance. Brakes work by building pressure into the brake fluid which then is transferred to the calipers via the brake lines, transferring the pressure to the brake pads and the rotors. Moisture formation in brake fluids can easily corrode the metal components in the brake, resulting in brake failures. It also reduces the effectiveness of the fluid. Brake fluid checks and replacement is very necessary for optimal performance and longevity of the braking system. If the brake fluid looks milky or cloudy, then it is time for a replacement.
  • Replace or update brake parts: It is very important to keep a check on the thickness of your brake rotors as over time they can wear off. Even with proper care and maintenance, one must always replace their brake system eventually. The friction between the brake pads and the rotors can cause heating issues which can wear away the brake pads causing braking issues. Deformed brake pads and rusted rotors are to be replaced at once. This keeps the longevity of your braking system by giving you a smooth performance. 

Cross drilled brake parts are made of quality grade carbon-fibre ceramic formula and stainless steel shims that ensures optimal performance and durability. 

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