What Does a Golf Caddy Do?


A lot of people don’t understand the real function of a golf caddy. If you think they simply carry a golfer’s clubs, you’re in for a shock. Let’s learn more about what they are and what they do.


One of the things that caddies do is rake all the sand on the course. They’ll rake the bunkers and sand traps to make sure they look presentable and keep everything smooth.

After you see a golfer hit their ball into a sand trap, the next thing you’ll see is a caddy rake the trap.

After hitting the ball, the caddy’s job is to return the disturbed area to its former glory.


Between swings, a caddy will make sure that every club and ball used is clean. Courses might have a mechanical washer on-site, but most caddies will be seen with a towel on their person so they can quickly clean the different items after every shot.

Keeping items clean helps the overall performance of the golfer.

Measuring Yardage

Did you ever wonder how golfers know how far away the hole is from their ball? That’s all thanks to the golf caddy. Sure, the golfer can try to measure the distance by eye, but the caddy is there to measure the distance.

Some caddies might use a range finder that does the work for them, but others will use the nearest distance marker to give them the answer. The caddy can pace from the marker to the ball to give them an exact distance.

The caddy will then tell the golfer how far they are away from the green so they can wind up their shot perfectly.

Fixing Ball Marks

After a big swing, a golfer could leave a divot on the rough or fairway. The caddy’s job is to replace this divot with new, fresh grass to keep everything pristine. Caddies will take out the chunk of grass that was hit and replace it where the ball was struck at.

Carrying Gold Clubs

This is the duty that most people know about. A golf caddy will carry golf clubs between holes. In fact, this is the primary duty that they have.

They will carry the golf bags of however many people are using their services. This could mean two or three golf bags at any given time. They will retrieve the correct club, return it after use, and keep everything organized.

Suggesting a Club

Another job that a caddy has is to suggest a club. Since caddies have so much exposure to golf from day to day, they typically have a good eye for what club should be used on different shots. If the golfer would like, the caddy can suggest a club to use.

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