Local Foods that You Should Try While You’re in Bunaken

If you believe visiting Bunaken, Manado, just around Bunaken National Park, you’ve heard wrong. Apparently, not only as a city with many different natural attractions, Bunaken Manado can also be called a culinary paradise. There are several choices of Manado specialties that you need to try, and will also make you wonder longer and more. So, don’t forget to stop by to try a different traditional Manadonese food every time you’re in town! Below are nine Manado specialties that you can’t miss while you’re there.

1.     Tinutuan

Tinutuan or also called Manado porridge is currently the hottest food in Manado. This food is made from porridge mixed with green vegetables such as sausage and kale. Tinutuan is most delicious when eaten with salted fish, chili sauce, and other crackers. Guaranteed, Tinutuan will be the most delicious breakfast place for you.

2.     Chicken Woku Woku

Are you currently a real hot food lover? So, trying the Woku Woku Chicken menu will be the right choice whenever you are in Manado because this menu consists of rice cooked with various spices and chilies that can make your stomach feel sexy, but also ask for another plate. Or maybe three?

3.     Woku Fish

Besides Woku Woku Ayam, there is also a typical Manado food in the form of Woku. Woku is a Manado specialty that can be used as an empty space for several food choices. Therefore, in addition to poultry, Woku seasoning can also be found in food choices such as meat and fish.

4.     Klappertaart

Not only essential dishes, Manado also gets the famous Klappertaart as a sandwich. Indeed, most of you do not understand that Klappertaart is a typical Manado food, right? Yep, this is possible because you can find Klappertaart directly outside Manado. So, if you’ve tried the delicious Klappertaart in town, imagine how good it would be in Manado? This coconut-based acid is very suitable to eat once. Trust us, and you will be hooked.

5.     Sambal Roa

Besides being famous for its skipjack tuna, Manado can also be famous for its hot food menu. No wonder there are various choices of sambal outside Manado, such as Sambal Roa. Sambal roa is a Manado specialty made from a combination of chili sauce and kite-grilled fish. Because this fish is hard to find, it’s no wonder that the purchase price of Sambal Roa is not as economical as other chili sauces. Oh! You can really try this chili sauce in the free menu to be consumed with Tinutuan Porridge.

6.     Panada

Panada is a food that almost resembles pastels. However, these two foods are diverse foods, both in terms of ingredients and fillings. Pastels are made from virgin skin using vegetable broth. While Panada consists of bread and contains skipjack tuna. Can you figure it all out? Apparently, Panda is a cake from Portugal. But, it is just one of the most famous bites in Manado today.

7.     Goroho Banana

Goroho banana is a typical Manado food menu. This is because bananas function as unripe and sour bananas. However, this is where the uniqueness of Goroho Banana is peeled in the form of love and fried to a crisp.

8.     Cakalang Fufu

Cakalang Fufu is a type of fish that is often found in Manado waters. Thus, a series of processed foods made from Cakalang fish is still a traditional Manado food menu that may be seen in Manado. Cakalang Fufu is a food that uses Skipjack tuna because the main ingredient is Cakalang. This food menu is Cakalang which is divided into two elements which are then eaten with certain spices. This Cakalang menu can indeed be served with various variants, such as Cakalang Fufu chili sauce or Cakalang Fufu almond milk.

9.     Garo Bunga Pepaya

Besides eating a lot of meat and fish, Manado people also have lots of healthy vegetables. Your favorite Manado vegetable dish is Garo Bunga Papaya. It means garo mixed or stirred, even though Papaya Flowers are flower buds in the Papaya plant. You’ll find a variety of recipes for the dish, and some will combine it with cherry leaves, morning glory, or melinjo leaves to reduce the sour taste. It is usually served with smoked skipjack lettuce (Cakalang Fufu). The ideal Cakalang Fufu is located opposite Bitung harbor.

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