5 Reasons to Be a Member of an Air Mile Program

Air mile programs offer various privileges and benefits to their members. Mentioned in this post are five reasons to join an air mile program today. Keep reading. 

Air mile programs are outstanding because they give you tons of privileges while reducing your travel costs. While there are many airline-mile programs, the travel-mile programs are much better since they don’t tie you to a specific airline. All you have to do is book a flight from a wide variety of options from the travel portal you choose, and you get miles on every booking. Moreover, some programs let you earn miles from other ways as well. What’s more, the next time you choose to go out on dinner (at a partner restaurant) or take a flight, you might get a generous discount or maybe even get that for free. With the right ways, you can redeem the rewards against a range of options.

So why not become a member and avail the best out of the miles program? Let’s look at some of the key advantages of a mile program. 

  1. Earn a Free Flight: It is possible to earn a free flight using miles. Too good to be true, right? Focus on booking flights from a particular travel website, and you can keep accumulating miles or points into your kitty.  Make sure you go through the list of partners (flights and otherwise) of the travel portal you plan to be a member of before signing up. The more diverse the range of partners, the easier it becomes to accumulate miles. Convert miles against a free ticket to your favourite destination. Don’t worry these points don’t expire easily- some even last for years.
  2. The Extra Bonuses That Come With Miles: There are exclusive benefits special members can accrue once they advance in the program such as lounge access, complimentary meals, seat selection, excess baggage discount, exciting gift vouchers, etc. However, this depends on the long-standing relationship between you and your service provider and how frequently you accumulate miles. Those long list of complementaries cannot be very difficult to gain for a new member – many programs also offer a joining bonus. Moreover, there are other ways to advance into the levels faster such as signing up for a co-branded credit card. 
  3. Convert Your Unused Points From Other Programs Into Miles: We all have tons of programs that we have signed up for only never to use them later. Some programs let you club these points and convert them into miles. Just visit your program website and check for the list of programs that you can convert points from into miles. 
  4. Earn Miles From a Host of Travel-Related Transactions: Whenever you book a hotel, dine out, book a cab, you can accumulate miles as long as you choose one of the programs’ partners for availing the services. Moreover, if you are lucky, you may also get some exclusive discounts and offers if you use your program’s website to access them. 
  5. Reduce Your Flying Cost: As a member of an air miles program, earn miles for every flight that you take. Certain travel programs allow you to add the miles of your family members or your business colleagues as well. You don’t have to fly every week to accumulate rewards; a few flights in a year will fetch you a sweet deal. Moreover, you can book airline tickets with discounts offered on these portals. Thus, these programs can reduce flight costs significantly. 

Bonus Reason

It is Free! While there are paid mile programs, many programs are free to join and come with no yearly fees. If that’s not a good reason to join, what is?

There are incredible rewards for a member. Pick the right miles program and get special benefits in your day to day services. You’ll be surprised to see the savings that you make every year.

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