Selecting kitchen countertop material: Is granite the right option?

Your kitchen is a functional space and requires at least one long countertop for doing the daily chores. Regardless of the number of countertops and worktops in your kitchen, the right material makes a big difference. If you are a fan of using natural stones for the house, granite may fit in perfectly. Granite has been long used for both flooring and for countertops, and it does have a few advantages over some of the standard natural stones, especially marble. The appearance of granite is also a big factor. Check comptoir granite de Granite au Sommet, for instance, for some amazing looks. In this post, we are sharing more on how granite fits in as a countertop material. 

Reviewing the good aspects

  1. The beauty of granite as a countertop material is hard to replicate. Yes, quartz countertops may have a few extra advantages, but the cost of quartz is equally high. There are numerous shades in granite, and you can easily find something that fits the interiors of your kitchen and works for the intended theme. 
  2. Granite is meant to last, and it is not prone to scratches. It is heat and stain resistant, and you don’t have to worry about replacement for a decade or more to come. For kitchen, where knives and sharp objects are used regularly, granite works as the perfect countertop material. 
  3. It is also a budget-friendly option for most homeowners, especially when compared to other choices. 

On the other side

Granite needs sealing, which is not the case with quartz, which means you still have to spend on maintenance to some extent. Secondly, granite installation requires a strong base because the material itself is extremely heavy. Being a natural stone, granite slabs are not always uniform, so two of your countertops may look different from one another. 

Taking the call

As you may have guessed, granite definitely fares extremely well as a countertop material, if you ignore the aspects we just mentioned. Of course, you need to find the right color and look, for which the choice of supplier is as important. We would recommend that you check all relevant details related to installation before choosing granite, and ensure that the option fits your budget. If you want to check for another comparable option with similar advantages, quartz can be a great choice, although you may have to shell a lot more for the countertops because of material cost. 


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