Whether to Go for Patio Doors or Garden Doors for Your Home?

Depending on where you live, different types of doors can affect the energy efficiency of your home and can cause you to lose unnecessary money on bills. 

Why Patio Doors?

While being an inspiration from the beautiful Japanese doors known as ‘Shoji’, patio doors are an invention of the starting of the 20th century, but unlike shoji which was made of paper and bamboo, patio doors come with high-efficiency glass panels framed with aluminum or PVC which gives them a strong form-factor and resistant to water, cold, and light. These doors are generally sliding in nature, which means they take less space than a traditional wooden door. 

Advantage of patio doors:

  • Natural lighting: With their unique glass design, patio doors can easily fill up your room with natural light and can create a wonderfully seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living space. 
  • Compact size: With their unique side-to-side sliding mechanism, patio doors are compact in nature. Some doors can even hide behind the wall, giving you an open space that traditional doors cannot. 
  • Energy-efficiency and security: Patio doors come with insulated glass that is designed to be energy-efficient in nature, and helps to reduce energy consumption by maintaining the internal temperature of the home. They also provide a safe home experience with the help of modern technologies and enforced framings. 

Why garden doors?

A common choice for people who prefer privacy over unobstructed views, garden doors have been a long-time favorite. Featuring a solid wooden door on one side and a door panel for ventilation, garden doors are preferred for their rustic appearance. Even being customizable to your preference, garden doors tend to take a lot of space to operate correctly. 

Advantages of garden doors:

  • Privacy: Unlike patio doors, garden doors are typically made out of solid wood and sometimes featuring a variety of frosted glass half-panel, making them very much preferable for people who want privacy
  • Aesthetics: With their elegant and rustic designs, garden doors provide an overall magnificent look to your home. Highly customizable and heavy, garden doors can also increase the property value of your home.
  • Safety and accessibility: With a multi-locking system, garden doors provide a safe home experience and are very accessible due to their large size and function.

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