How to Ace the ICSE Board Examinations?

Within less than a month, just like other boards such as CBSE and State Boards, the ICSE board will conduct their ICSE board examinations for classes X and XII. So, the exam preparations by now should have been begun by students or if not, just hang on and read this article till the end to know the best preparation tips for excelling in these exams.

The first and foremost requirement to score higher marks is to be well-versed with all the key concepts and topics that are part of the syllabus in each subject. The books prescribed by ICSE are considered the best for preparations for students. As there are no particular books published by the CISCE, the prescribed textbooks for students of ICSE become more valuable to kickstart preparations. Also, remember that switching from one book to another to learn concepts/topics would lead to confusions and become such a waste of time. Thus, to avoid such a mistake, it’s always better to stick with the books prescribed by CISCE.

Primarily for all the main subjects, the concise textbooks by Selina publishers are the most recommended set of books to learn from or follow while studying. These books provide neat and clear explanations for all topics in simple language. Relevant diagrams and illustrations are included as a visual learning aid. Further, there are intext and exercise questions present under each chapter in all subjects to test students conceptually and build strength over the main topics of the chapter.

Students finding it difficult to solve or getting stuck while solving the exercise problems can refer to ICSE Selina Solutions at any time to overcome these difficulties with ease. Using this resource, students can also clarify their doubts instantly from anywhere as it’s available in both online and offline formats. Students can solely rely on the resource mentioned above for all kinds of exam preparations since it’s been created and developed by subject experts after spending relative years of research in the education field.

Now, for the students preparing to appear for the upcoming ICSE board examinations, it’s mandatory that they have complete knowledge of the syllabus and the exam pattern as well. Students must endeavour to cover the entire syllabus to ensure higher marks in the exams.

Next comes the most crucial part of the preparation, which is the revision. Here is where the majority of the students fail. Most of the students complete studying all the topics present in the syllabus but never do the revision part. Scheduling a revision benefits students largely by retraining concepts and providing better clarity of what has been studied earlier. Notes of all the critical concepts taken while studying can best serve their purpose during the revisions.

Following up with the revisions, students must practice the previous year and sample question papers. They help students in highlighting the weaker areas so that students can concentrate on them to improve strength and thus enhance their performance in the board examinations.

For students looking for an alternative reference material to build a stronger foundation in Mathematics, the ML Aggarwal Solutions is the best pick. All the solutions are well designed in a stepwise manner in simple language keeping in mind the latest ICSE guidelines and marking schemes. With regular usage, students will become more confident and ace any examination on Mathematics.

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