5 Things to focus on when you are an Amazon 3P Seller

Amazon is a dream-catching ecommerce space for millions of sellers internationally. With a global reputation for being the ecommerce King, Amazon offers the best opportunities to sellers to establish their ecommerce journey from scratch. When you also aspire to become a 3P seller on Amazon, there are a few things you need to focus on, such as-

  1. A brainstormed business plan
  2. Wisely pick what you should sell to earn higher revenues
  3. Set up a budget
  4. Digital marketing support
  5. A thorough knowledge about the Amazon terms and features such as FBA, reimbursements, Buy Box, Amazon Prime Memberships, Amazon Prime Day, etc.

With your hard work to set up your business as a 3rd party seller and the constant support of an experienced amazon consultant shouldering the digital marketing requirements, earning loyal customers with Prime Memberships is possible.

3P sellers on Amazon focus on a few things, such as—


  1. Product listings with great Product Descriptions

The traffic to purchase on Amazon primarily appears to your store if driven by the sponsored ads or if they are searching for anything with dedication. Therefore, like any other good seller, along with creating the listing of your products, you must also post a well-drafted product description.

For instance- if you sell books, you can draw the attention of potential customers by giving a few photographs of the books instead of just keeping the front cover. Book shoppers always appreciate the see the Contents or the first few pages to check before they purchase the book.

  1. Advertise discounted rates if the competition is high

The acquire loyal customers on Amazon, you might surprise them with a discounted price that will compel them to choose your product over other sellers. Customers on Amazon tend to purchase from the seller offering the best discounts and the zero to a minimum delivery charge. If you haven’t yet achieved a Buy Box button on Amazon, then your product will be enlisted under the “See All Buying Options”.

Try to be competitive from that phase by amazing customers with a negligible delivery charge and a discounted price for stimulating the conversion.

  1. Become an Amazon FBA seller to let Amazon shoulder the delivery responsibility 

Amazon FBA sellers enjoy the amazing feature of Fulfillment. If you want Amazon to sell your products and also deliver the shopped items at the customer’s address then what can be better as a seller. However, get acquainted and keep updated with the amazon reimbursement that is the refund that customers expect on returning the damaged product or due to repetition or for the higher price.

  1. Aggressive Amazon PPC campaigns 

You need aggressive Amazon PPC campaigns by experts for boosting sales. The Amazon PPC professionals know how to use the keyword or key phrases strategically for their omnichannel marketing

  1. Traffic pulling consultancy from Amazon Marketing Agency 

Hire a renowned Amazon marketing agency for their best consultancy services where they strategize the PPC, Amazon SEO, amazon infographics services, content marketing, and social media optimization for boosting your sales on Amazon.


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