When is the Right Time to Consider Old Playground Equipment Replacement?

Overuse, weather, and aging are the primary reasons behind the wearing and tearing of commercial playground equipment. These deteriorations in the equipment and playsets can lead to unavoidable injuries if they are not replaced at the earliest. There can be instances of limbs getting stuck or tripping over uneven or open surfaces.

There are ways to prevent these onsets of accidents and the primary way is to keep a regular check on the equipment conditions. To ensure the kids’ best safety, you should also go for replacement whenever necessary. You can follow these steps to evaluate your playground and know the present status of safety.

Damages occurring to the equipment

You need to attentively examine your playground and look out separately for the equipment and try locating holes and damages or most importantly, any missing parts. These are very crucial because damaged or missing parts are inevitably going to bring in injuries and fatalities to the children playing on the ground. The equipment also comes with separate and elaborate sets of instructions for maintaining proper care. You can refer to them to increase their longevity.

Feel for even footing

The ground surrounding the play equipment must be checked almost monthly. You should ensure that the ground is completely leveled. Any gaps in the surface material should be ideally avoided. Divots in the grass or dips in the surface might be a leading reason for tripping hazards and you should prevent them. A thorough and regular check can also ensure that the equipment laid upon them will also be perfectly vertical with no added chances of accidents. If any issues are addressed, you can ask for a makeover of the surface or you can replace the entire surface with rubber flooring facilities. These are anti-skid and prevent slipping even if water is logged.

Clean up

Playgrounds needed to keep free from any untidiness or unwanted debris. It is ideal to remove the litter from your playground in due time. You can do this by installing waste collectors at separate ends of the grounds and this will keep the ground both safe and clean. You also need to ensure getting rid of plastic bottles, broken glasses, or food crumbs to prevent injuries or entry of animals within the premises.

Any worn-out or damaged equipment can be readily replaced with Inspire Play commercial play equipment to ensure graded quality and safety, all at the same time.


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